Sensible NS*UsageDescription values

While working on Familio I regular have to add new usage descriptions in our Info.plist. These usage descriptions are required when asking for various kinds of permission.

I’ve collected my list of default usage descriptions which others might find useful as a sensible default.

<string>By allowing access to Bluetooth, we are able to communicate with other families with ease</string>

<string>By allowing access to your contacts, we are able to read phone and emails of your existing contacts</string>

<string>By allowing access to your calendar, we are able to process invites automatically for you</string>

<string>By allowing access to your camera, we are able to take a selfie for your profile picture</string>

<string>By allowing access to your location, we are able to provide services in your geographical area</string>

<string>By allowing access to your photo library, we are able to store pictures you are taking on your device</string>

<key>NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription</key>  <string>By allowing access to your photo library, we are able to store your captured pictures</string>

<string>By allowing access to speech, we are able to faster enter information for you</string>

<string>By allowing access to Apple Music, we are able to suggest music for you and your family</string>

<string>By allowing access to your microphone, we are able to send your voice when performing a call</string>

<string>By allowing access to motion usage, we are able to better detect how you and your family move</string>