My HTML-based chat is programmed using ASP and you’re able to download all needed documents from this page. If you want to set up a chat server on your own ASP enabled site, just place these files in a directory of your choice and make a link to default.asp. This page is used to login users. Furthermore, you will need to add some lines in your global.asa file. Which lines will be described later.

Online User in a chat session

A panel on your right side of ConquerChat always show current number of online users. Your own login name will be marked with bold type. In my current version, you’re not able to get extended information about a specific user, but in my next release, you will be able to click on a user to read a detailed description (if made available by this user) and maybe a link to his/her private homepage. However, this will require every user to create a profile. Currently nothing is known about a user, except login name but later a database will be added, describing each user, i.e. its profile.

Layout of ConquerChat in a chat session

The area taking up most space is of course the messages area. This area shows the latest posted messages and notification messages, e.g. when a new users logs in or when an old user logs out. When you write a message and press send, this window will be refreshed, i.e. a new document will be generated on my dedicated server and send to you. If you don’t participate in a chat, the window will automatically update every 10 second. The update interval is determined by the <META> tag in ‘window.asp’ and is easy to configure yourself. If you are thinking of running ConquerChat on a LAN, you might want to make it update every second or so.

Send a message easily

To send a message, type in a string in the bottom edit field. You’re able to use standard shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on Windows platforms. When you’re satisfied with your message, press ‘send’ or simply hit return on your keyboard. Your message will appear shortly after. Notice, all text will be selected when it has been send, making it possible to type a new message right away without having to delete your old message.

Changes to global.asa
In order to make the chat work properly, you will have to add a couple of lines in your global.asa file. The lines below are also included in the downloadable package. You should insert them in the top of your file, i.e. not in any of the default defined Sub functions.

  SCOPE=Application  ID=conquerChatUsers  PROGID="Scripting.Dictionary">

SCOPE=Application ID=conquerChatRooms PROGID=”Scripting.Dictionary”>

SCOPE=Application ID=conquerChatMessages PROGID=”Scripting.Dictionary”>

The lines above makes it possible to store currently logged in chat users and their timestamp for last typed line. We check this object every time we refresh the chat window page and kick out inactive users. Please make sure to take a look at the included readme.txtfile in the downloaded zip archive. This file contains important information about how to set-up the chat properly on your web server.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you are having problems installing or using ConquerChat on your server, this FAQ might help you. Please take a look at it before sending me an email.

Discussion Forum
I have set up a discussion forum for ConquerChat. You will be able to post your feature requests and/or questions here. You might get an answer faster here since other users of the chat could help you.

Have ConquerChat made your site look better and more interactive? If you think you want to give a small donation for further development, you may now do that. All donators will be listed on my “donations” list.



Available Options
The inc.config.asp (version 4.0+) (version < 4.0) file contains a lot of nifty options for setting up ConquerChat the way you want it. Try to open the file and read about all the options in details.

You are able to see a demo of ConquerChat at:

Announcement list
For latest news about the ConquerChat development you might want to join my announcement list. I will send out an e-mail each time I release a new version.


Check a list of sites already using customized versions of ConquerChat.

Source Code

Downloadable packages

Name Filename Size
ConquerChat 4.4 129 kb
Fixes issues 1-10 from
ConquerChat 4.3 171 kb
Using “Session” object to store user information and contains various bug-fixes.
ConquerChat 4.2.1 102 kb
ConquerChat 4.1.1 77 kb
Multiple rooms, private messages, admin module, bad words filter
(no cookies used; NN6x+IE5x browsers compliant; needs to run on a IIS5+ or IIS4+ web server with IE5 installed)
Remember to view “readme.txt” file for important last minute information.
ConquerChat 3.2
Multiple rooms, Private Messages
(no cookies used; NN4x+IE4x browsers compliant; needs to run on a IIS5+ or IIS4+ web server with IE5 installed) 63 kb
ConquerChat 3.0.2
Multiple rooms
(no cookies used; NN4x+IE4x compliant; needs to run on IIS5+ or IIS4+ with IE5 installed) 39 kb
ConquerChat 2.1.1
Added smileys images to help screen.
(no cookies used; NN4x+IE4x compliant; needs to run on IIS4+) 26 kb
ConquerChat 2.1
Includes image-smileys support
(no cookies used; NN4x+IE4x compliant; needs to run on IIS4+) 25 kb
ConquerChat 2.0
(no cookies used; NN4x+IE4x compliant; needs to run on IIS4+) 22 kb
ConquerChat 1.2
(uses cookies; NN4x+IE4x compliant; able to run on PWS) 22 kb

Localized message files
Some of these messages files might not have been updated for the current version of ConquerChat. If you’re seeing some [] text in your chat, these are missing from the message file you’re using.

Microsoft Web Servers

  • PWS
    Personal Web Server is a small web server included with some packs for Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME. If you want to use the chat application on any of these operating systems, you might need to download one of the versions able to run on PWS.
  • IIS4
    Internet Information Server 4.0 is a large web server included with Windows NT4. Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) uses this web server application.
  • IIS5
    Internet Information Server 5.0 is the latest web server from Microsoft and is included in some versions of Windows 2000. This web server is required to run some of the newer versions of the chat. If you don’t run Windows 2000 you might have a problem using the chat.

Please read: If you want to use this chat on your own web site and thus has to customize it in any way you are free to do so *without* asking for my permission. I provide this chat totally free of charge of any kind. Enjoy.

However, if you want me to check out your chat site, please send me the URL for it — I would love to hear where my source snippets are being used.

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